Poll: Houston Texans fans want to face Trey Lance on Sunday

Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports /

The fans of the Houston Texans voted that they’d rather see Trey Lance than Jimmy Garoppolo on Sunday.

With the report that the San Francisco 49ers could be without starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo due to a thumb injury, the chances of rookie Trey Lance starting have gone way up. So to figure out where our Twitter followers sat on the spectrum of who’d they rather face, a poll was set up on our Twitter page. It turns out that Houston Texans fans want Trey Lance to be the guy.

Garoppolo’s two turnovers in the first half last Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans is what 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan mentioned when he ran out the clock instead of attempting to put at least a field goal on the board. While most who voted did not leave a comment, here are some of the responses that were left:

Houston Texans are still slightly torn on improving draft position or trying to win

Currently sitting with the third overall pick at 4-11 on the season, this has been a hot topic of discussion of late for Texans fans. Some understandably want as high of a pick as possible, while others want to win while they can. Right behind Houston are the New York Jets, who beat Houston earlier this year.

If Houston beats San Francisco and New York loses to Tampa Bay this week, Houston would likely swap places, putting them at the fourth overall spot. If Nick Caserio has locked in on a specific prospect, he may not be there by the time they arrive at the fourth overall spot (of course, that is a big if).

Houston has a chance to win this game, as Lance has seen even less playing time than Mills has on the season. If they can create a few turnovers, Houston can steal one on the road.

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