Should the Houston Texans trade for Kirk Cousins?

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

Would you like the idea of Kirk Cousins on the Houston Texans?

Before you get a knee-jerk reaction and instantly say no, just know that Kirk Cousins is a far superior option than any quarterback currently on the Houston Texans roster. Yes, Davis Mills is young, and a rookie and Tyrod Taylor may need GPS to find his closest receiver. But Cousins wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Cousins would be entering the most expensive year of his contract, earning $35M in base salary with a $10M roster bonus for a cap hit of $45M on the year. According to OverTheCap’s calculator, trading for Cousins without sending a player would put the Texans in cap space with just under $5M.

Once again, don’t panic. The Texans could have the Deshaun Watson allegations be settled, and a trade may happen come free agency. However, if Watson is traded, then there is still a good amount of cap to work with for Nick Caserio.

The Houston Texans trading for Cousins might be a better stopgap in a weak draft class.

It’s well known that this year’s crop of quarterbacks is pretty disappointing compared to most years. If anything, it’s a defense-heavy draft that can be capitalized on for Houston. The defensive side of the ball has been the best unit for the team this entire season, so why not add more firepower to the defense?

Missing out on a premier defensive talent and taking a risky quarterback prospect could put the Texans behind for years. This is some wicked deja vu as this year is like a quasi-repeat of the 2006 NFL draft where Houston went with Mario Williams over Reggie Bush.

We’ll see how it folds out, but the “You like that!?” chants may be breaking out next season at NRG Stadium.