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The Houston Texans and Eric Bienemy would be a perfect pairing

Eric Bienemy played in the NFL for nine seasons as a running back for three teams as a multi-purpose weapon. After a stop with the Minnesota Vikings and the University of Colorado, Bienemy has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013.

Ever since Bienemy took over as the offensive coordinator in 2018, his offense has been ranked no worse than 6th in total yards and no worse than 7th for scoring offense. That kind of production is a no-brainer on why Bienemy has been one of the most-desired coaching candidates for years on end.

The reasons why Bienemy hasn’t gotten a head coaching job since orchestrating the dynamic and exponential rise of Patrick Mahomes II is beyond the scope of this article. However, the Texans’ offense without Deshaun Watson or a competent play-caller (Tim Kelly has flopped this year) is a screaming beacon that says, “fix me.”

A good offense can make up for a struggling defense and many other issues. Bienemy’s ingenuity would be a breath of fresh air in an offense that is as archaic as Matt Nagy’s offense up in Chicago. Expect plenty of teams to go after him again this offseason, making it a hard sell for Bienemy to come south to Houston.