Houston Texans CB Tremon Smith earns NFL weekly award

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The Houston Texans busted the game right open with Tremon Smith’s kickoff return TD on Sunday.

Since 2009, the Houston Texans had a player take home the Special Teams Player of the Week award for the first time. Tremon Smith joins Jacoby Jones, who had earned it three-time during his time in Houston.

It was also Houston’s first kickoff return touchdown since 2009, which ironically was Jones who did it. It’s been a long time coming, and for Smith, it’s a tremendous personal accomplishment. On top of that, Smith was everywhere making plays. Smith returned another kickoff to Jacksonville’s 33-yard line in the second half, and Smith also helped down a punt that landed inside the Jaguars’ five-yard line.

It sounds cliche, but special teams win games. Field position and stealing a score after your opponent just did changes the momentum of an entire game. Shout out to Brad Seely, the Houston Texans’ special teams coordinator, for putting Smith in positions to succeed.

Is Smith’s return foreshadowing of a Houston Texans special teams revival?

Since 2013, the Houston Texans have not had more than 1,000 yards in kick returns. Some of that is due to the rule change that changes where the ball is kicked off from, resulting in more touchbacks.  There’s also the four out of five years they won the AFC South- so when your team allows fewer points, the fewer chances you get to return kicks.

Regardless, an NFL team still needs to have an excellent special teams unit. Maybe Houston can keep the momentum going and have returns that range from “good” to “great.”  Starting field position can dictate a lot of games, especially for a young and inexperienced offense that the Texans have.

Congratulations to Mr. Smith; here’s to more awards!

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