Houston Texans: 4 Bold predictions vs L.A. Chargers

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Davis Mills gets first career rush T.D. at the goal line

When you think of Davis Mills, you think more about him in the passing game than as a runner. With only 29 yards rushing on the season, that’s fair to consider him a pass-first guy. However, when the Houston Texans get down to the goal line against Los Angeles, they’re going to use Mills as a rushing weapon.

While a quarterback sneak at the goal line is one of the most expected plays of all time, a quarterback bootleg is not. Instead, mills will fake the handoff and ramble on in for a touchdown that takes as long as Peyton Manning did against the Dallas Cowboys a few years ago.

Let’s get bolder with this one since this team has nothing to lose: this will happen on the first drive of the game, and the Texans will take a 7-0 lead on the Chargers. Sounds like fun, eh?