Houston Texans: 4 Bold predictions vs L.A. Chargers

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The Houston Texans will have less than 60 rushing yards

The fact that the Texans rushing attack is dead last in the league shouldn’t surprise anyone. What good would a run-first offense do without a premier running back or offensive line? Unfortunately, that answer is relatively nothing as the Texans have only gained 1,083 rushing on the season. In addition, Houston has only two 100-yard games- Week 1 against the Jaguars and Week 6 on the road against the Colts.

Houston has also contributed the following yards in each game (grouped by 10-yard increments)

  • 40-50: four times (42,42,44,48)
  • 50-60: none
  • 60-70: two times (63,67)
  • 70-80: two times (73. 75)
  • 80-90: three times (82,83,84)

The surprising fact is that the Chargers defense is has allowed the fourth-most rushing yards to opponents this year. As juicy of a matchup as that is, Houston’s offensive line won’t be able to get the job done against a potentially hampered Chargers defense. It will be up to Davis Mills to lead this team down the field and have a shot at victory.

Speaking of Mills…