Houston Texans hit by NFL Covid-19 outbreak, have 5 players on COVID-IR list

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans have five players on the COVID-19 list.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continued to rage on out of nowhere, the Houston Texans were also affected. The following five players have been placed on the COVID-19/IR list:

  • LB Kamu Grugier-Hill
  • RB Jaylen Samuels
  • LB Christian Kirksey
  • DE Demarcus Walker
  • DB A.J. Moore

As of this writing, it’s unknown whether all of these players are vaccinated or not. However, if they are vaccinated, NFL rules state that a player can return to normal operations if he posts two negative tests in 48 hours. Unvaccinated players At least, that is how the main way used to be. Today, the NFL sent out a memo to NFL clubs explaining the three new ways to return from the COVID-19 list.

The Houston Texans are hoping the new protocols expedite player’s returning

As for the three new ways that a player can return, they are listed below. If you would like to view the full nine-page PDF for yourself, click here to view it.

"Option 1: S/he receives two (2) BRL PCR Test Results (taken on the day after the positiveswab is taken (Day 1) or thereafter) (which may be taken concurrently) which are eithernegative or produce Cycle Threshold (CT) values of 35 or greater (all CT target levels (T1and T2) must be 35 or greater); OR Option 2: S/he receives one (1) BRL PCR Test Result (taken on the day after the positiveswab was taken (Day 1) or thereafter) which is either negative or produces CT values of 35or greater (all CT target levels (T1 and T2) must be 35 or greater) AND a negative MesaTest result from a test taken within 24 hours of the BRL PCR Test (i.e., both may be taken atthe same time or less than 24 hours apart); OR Option 3: S/he receives two (2) negative Mesa Test results (which may be takenconcurrently but must be two (2) separate swabs) on Day 1 (the day after the positive swabwas taken) or thereafter (maximum limit of 3 tests may be taken per day)."

As these are so new, the league, teams, media, and fans will all learn more about how this exactly works in the upcoming days. The NFL put forth these new return protocols as they were getting a lot of cases where the person who tested positive is/was asymptomatic.

Let’s hope for the best for all of those on the list, for all teams. Keep coming back to this article for more updates.

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