Houston Texans: 3 free agent QBs to bring in for competition in 2022

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A wiser Mitch Trubisky could compete for the Houston Texans top QB spot

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Before the knee-jerk reaction happens, Mitch Trubisky is not the same guy who wasn’t given a lot of help in Chicago. Having lived in Chicago during the Trubisky era, it always seemed like Matt Nagy was the reason he failed. While I still stand firm on the fact that Trubisky doesn’t bring comfort when placed in a high-pressure situation, who knows the amount of progress he has made during his time in the land of table smashing.

Getting to sit and watch behind Josh Allen, who was considered a “project” quarterback himself when drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, is enough to fill a notebook with lessons learned. Add in the fact that Brian Daboll as their offensive coordinator in Buffalo, then you have a tremendous learning opportunity.

While his only action this year was 5/7 for 28 yards and one interception, it makes sense that Trubisky hasn’t played significantly since Week 4. Buffalo was once the top dog in the AFC, but that has changed. Buffalo is 3-5 in their last eight games.

It will be another project, but bringing Trubisky to compete for the job can’t hurt.