The Houston Texans offense is nearing historical levels of bad

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans are going nowhere with their current offense.

There’s a saying in the sport of football that every former player has heard: “If you’re going to make a mistake, do it full speed.” That usually adheres to when a lineman jumps early, and the coach wants you to put a good hit on the opponent across from you. But nobody told that to the Houston Texans, who have taken that to that saying to their scoring offense.

The Houston Texans have failed to crack ten points on the scoreboard in six of their twelve games in 2021, which is good for 50% on the dot. Included in those six games are two shutouts where they didn’t even move the pixels on the scoreboard. If that’s not gruesome enough, listen to this stat: The Houston Texans have the second-worst scoring offense since 2000, with 164 points on the season. Only the 2000 Cleveland Browns had fewer, with 161 points.

While that was a 16-game season, and the Texans will get another game than Cleveland did, it’s not a good category to make waves in. So instead, Houston continues to lower the bar for their inaugural 17-game season.

How have the Houston Texans not fired Tim Kelly yet?

With the Texans averaging 13.7 points per game this season and being eliminated from the playoffs before the winless Detroit Lions did the unthinkable on Sunday, one would say it’s time for somebody to be fired. But, unfortunately, Tim Kelly has been the man behind the playcalling this year and hasn’t had the best weapons to do anything productive with.

But regardless of that previous fact, two shutouts in a season is just plain bad. There clearly is a problem here with the Texans’ offense, but Nick Caserio watches on in ignorant bliss from above. This fanbase was already steaming after the Jack Easterby effect on Deshaun Watson. Showing microscopic to no change in the offense’s performance is negligence at its purest form.

It doesn’t look good for Davis Mills, who will be taking over the starting role due to a Tyrod Taylor injury (again). May the football gods have mercy on the Texans.

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