Andre Johnson’s 5 greatest receiving games with Texans

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No. 2: 229 yards on 9 receptions

Nov. 3, 2013 vs. Indianapolis Colts

The runner-up for most receiving yards in a game comes in 2013 against an AFC South foe, the Indianapolis Colts, where Johnson added to his Hall of Fame credentials. Johnson against the Colts at home finished with nine receptions on 13 targets for 229 yards and a career-high three touchdowns.

Though this wasn’t the game where Johnson had his most receiving yards, it was possibly his greatest game because one-third of his receptions went for a touchdown. The Texans wide receiver averaged 25.44 yards per reception in this game, but this is the one game in his career where Johnson caught for over 190 yards and the Texans lost.

Houston lost this game by a 27-24 score, and at the time played the Texans were 2-6 overall, and the quarterback in this game for Johnson was Case Keenum. Johnson’s lowest-yardage catch was five yards, but it scored one of his three touchdowns, his final TD of the game.

Johnson’s best catch in this game was 62 yards, which was his first of the game, and it too went for a touchdown. The second touchdown reception of the game for Johnson was a 41-yard catch, his third catch of the game vs. the Colts.

Andre Johnson’s other catches were between 14 and 30 yards, including receptions of 16, 18, 18, 30, 25 and 14 yards.

It was a shame as talented as Johnson was in this game the Texas didn’t take advantage of it, but facing Andrew Luck on this day proved to be too much, though in his next-to-final season with the Texans, Johnson had one of his best performances.