A look back at the Houston Texans’ Thanksgiving Day games

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Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans have hardly had a spot at the Thanksgiving Day game table.

It’s always a source of debate as to who should get to host and play on Thanksgiving day. A tradition that is somehow reserved for the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, it’s hard to get a big variety of teams from year to year.

Given the current state of affairs for Houston, it’s a good thing they weren’t given the national spotlight.  Somehow Detroit gets to host every year and that is a shame in and of itself, but I digress.

The Houston Texans got their first taste of playing on one of the biggest holidays of the year in 2012, and their only other appearance was in 2019. Two spots at the proverbial table in nearly twenty years of existence.

You’d think two games against the Detroit Lions wouldn’t result in any meaningful moments or history going forward but think again. The Texans do have just a bit of history thanks to their efforts (if one wants to call it that).

The Texans currently sit undefeated (2-0) on Thanksgiving and have gotten to have that big feast. Let’s get into revisiting their two games against the Lions before your food gets cold.