Who should be the starting QB for the Houston Texans for the rest of the year?

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s an old question that the Houston Texans have to answer.

Should the veteran Tyrod Taylor play out the rest of the season, or should the keys be handed over to Davis Mills? That’s the question that David Culley will have to answer, especially after ensuring Taylor’s job would be secure and not lost to a third consecutive rookie quarterback.

As the Texans meander through this season without much of a true purpose, this is arguably the biggest question to answer. On one hand, no one wants to lose out after winning your first game of the season. Traditionally to buck that trend one would play their starter-which is Tyrod Taylor.

On the other hand, Houston spent their first draft pick on a quarterback last April. That does show some investment into Mills, and one can look at the recent success of younger quarterbacks who were allowed to play early and develop. There’s also the fact that Taylor is a free agent after this season.

So who do the Houston Texans choose to start?

With help from Stathead.com, let’s do a side-by-side comparison of these two passers with the link here.

As brutal as this season has been, we know Taylor has given the team its only win. Mills has a substantially higher number of touchdowns, and that’s going to come when you play 4 more games than your counterpart. So what’s the true value that we’re looking at here if we had to make a numerical decision?

If the offensive philosophy was to shift to more of an aerial focus, then Houston would want to go with Mills. Unfortunately, rookie Texans’ QB’s just don’t have good offensive lines. That’s arguably what’s holding him back.  Mills having a higher completion percentage is something that Houston desperately needs.

On the other hand, if Tim Kelly sticks around and the offensive scheme doesn’t change, then Taylor might be the guy that you want. Taylor is going to manage to be just enough of a threat in the passing and scrambling game that will take just enough heat off the running backs.

Do the Texans want that high draft pick? Or does Culley value winning now more than having a top-three pick? Those questions cannot be answered by myself- we’ll just have to wait until game day to see.

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