Gary Kubiak spoke about J.J. Watt leaving the Houston Texans

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(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Gary Kubiak was J.J. Watt’s first NFL Head Coach. The former Houston Texans coach recently shared how he felt about Watt’s departure.

Back in 2011 when Watt was selected in the first round by the Houston Texans, Texans fans booed the pick. That sure changed in a hurry once Watt went out and performed the way he did in his time in Houston.

Ending his time as the all-time leader in sacks for the franchise and a Hall of Fame humanitarian for his efforts in the community, he’s the defensive version of Larry Fitzgerald- no one can hate on this guy at all.

So when Kubiak was on a phone interview with ESPN 97.5 FM Houston, he shared his thoughts and reaction to Watt leaving Houston and going to Arizona:

Gary Kubiak’s realistic response shows how much the NFL has changed

Remember when franchises used to have “lifers”? When one player would stay with their original franchise for their entire career? Kubiak mentions that the dynamic of the league has shifted to that your franchise players will spend basically 3/4’s of their career with one team, and then move on.

To be honest, no one ever foresaw Tom Brady leaving New England. One could be said for Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers. That’s why when you see someone finish their career with one team (like the aforementioned Fitzgerald), it’s incredibly rare. Not surprising when that eventually came around to Watt leaving the Houston Texans.

Despite Watt being injured this year, guiding his team to a 7-0 start is something that cannot be taken away from him. As painful as it may be to see him don another team’s logo, the least you can do is root for a guy like Watt to get a championship ring because he’s earned it with everything he’s given to the NFL and the states of Texas and Arizona.

Credit for this radio clip is given to: The Wheelhouse with Jake Asman, Cody Stoots, and Brad Kellner on ESPN 97.5 Houston [KFNC-FM]”

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