Five things that have gone drastically wrong in 2021 for the Houston Texans

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Trading Randall Cobb, but NOT trading Brandin Cooks

When Randall Cobb was traded back to Green Bay after Aaron Rodgers’ bizarre offseason (frankly his entire year) request, it wasn’t seen as anything that would be significant. Cobb had slowed down and the Texans were getting draft capital- it was a decent trade at the time.

That was until the trade deadline came around this season and passed with little fanfare in Houston (as to what it was allegedly supposed to be). How could the Texans trade a seemingly washed-up Cobb, but not a late-prime Brandin Cooks? Cooks had been amongst the league leaders in receiving yards early in the season.

Cooks had way more value on the trade market, yet he’s kept here on contract for a few more years. After seeing how disgruntled he was with the Mark Ingram trade, we’ll see how long that stay is going to last.

The Texans failed to embrace the true rebuild and opted instead of the gray area of being bad, but not bad enough to get the first overall pick. That remains to be seen, as Detroit has played nearly every game close and has nearly upset a few teams.

It’s that bad that event the Detroit matchup isn’t a given anymore.