Texans: Can David Johnson rush for his season total in one game?

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When it comes to rushing the football and doing so with success, the Houston Texans in 2021 have been far from that. Since the Texans traded Mark Ingram – who was the leading rusher on the team – that leaves David Johnson and Phillip Lindsay as the top two choices to run the ball.

Unfortunately for the Texans, Johnson has 108 yards rushing this season – remember he was a big part of the DeAndre Hopkins trade – on 29 carries with zero rushing scores. Johnson is averaging 3.7 yards per carry through the first eight games. Johnson’s best rush has been 13 yards in ’21.

Lindsay hasn’t done any better, having 105 yards on 41 rushes with one touchdown. Lindsay is averaging 2.6 yards per carry, and his best rush went for 35 yards.

Looking at the Miami Dolphins defense in ’21, they’ve allowed 926 yards rushing in eight games, an average of 4.3 yards per carry. Something will have to give on Sunday in Week 9, as the Texans have shown they can’t rush the football with any success, and the Dolphins defense isn’t very good at stopping the run.

Texans: Can’t make a positive prediction for Johnson or Lindsay in Week 9

With both teams being 1-7 overall, and both teams losing seven straight games each, thinking Johnson or even Lindsay can rush for 100 yards in a game – individually or combined – is very tough to believe it can happen.

The prediction here is neither Johnson nor Lindsay will have 100-yard rushing games or even combine for that amount of yards. Even with quarterback Tyrod Taylor returning since being injured in Week 2, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he’s the leading rusher.

For a prediction to be in any favor of the Houston Texans this season – even when facing the Dolphins – they need to prove something one the field in a positive manner. It isn’t even the losses, because those were expected, but how this team is competing week-in, week-out is tough to watch.

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With Johnson, this season has been very disappointing, and in fact, a surprise to have only 108 yards though eight games this season, even if he’s shared the football this season. So until something positive happens on the field, there won’t be any positive predictions of Johnson rushing for 100 or his current season total of 108 yards in a game, especially this Sunday.