Tyrod Taylor named starter Week 9, Texans will beat Dolphins

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Tyrod Taylor is officially back, and so is the Houston Texans offense.

No offense to Davis Mills, but it’s the Tyrod Taylor show once again. After an extremely long seven-game absence, the Houston Texans are going to get their franchise quarterback back on the field. This is the best news Texans fans can get as they look to end a seven-game losing streak.

Taylor provided the blowout win (as weird as that is to say) against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1 and had the game tied at halftime against Cleveland on the road before exiting the game due to injury. Now is the time to get a win, as the franchise needs it badly. Don’t worry about the draft order anyways, the Texans will most likely still end up with the 2nd overall pick in this year’s draft.

This is the one game outside of the road matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars that the Texans have a reasonable shot to win. The Jets’ sudden Mike White-led surge makes that an iffy game as well.

Tyrod Taylor and the Houston Texans will beat the Miami Dolphins this week

Houston’s offense has scored offensive touchdowns in two of their last five games, both ironically ending in 22 points. The others were zero, 3, and 5 points respectively. Tyrod Taylor is going to change that by being more accurate than Mills was and also having the experience to make audibles at the line.

We can’t forget about Taylor’s ability to scramble when needed. He’s no Kyler Murray, but he can still get yards when he has to tuck and run. The Dolphins defense is ranked 30th in the league, just one ahead of the Texans.

It’s such a winnable game with Taylor at the helm now, and Texans fans should expect a victory. Even if they don’t like the thought of it.

Final score: Texans 24, Dolphins 20

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