Should the Houston Texans sign DeSean Jackson?

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images) /

After a short stint with the Los Angeles Rams, will the Houston Texans make an effort to sign DeSean Jackson?

When DeSean Jackson signed with the L.A. Rams earlier this year, the trio of him, Cooper Kupp, and Robert Woods was instantly one of the best in the league with Matthew Stafford calling the shots.

However, after eight weeks, the veteran wide receiver out of California is a free agent once again. Would the Houston Texans take a shot on Jackson?

Jackson would be an instant WR1 or WR1b if one wants to look at it that way. Now given his performance on the year, it wouldn’t look like that. Jackson has eight catches for 221 yards and one score (against Tampa Bay) this season.

It would be an interesting signing given how mad Brandin Cooks was about Mark Ingram leaving. Jackson’s speed is still great for his age and can be a respected deep threat for the Texans and Tim Kelly’s struggling offense. A better passing game opens up the running game as well.

So will the Houston Texans go after DeSean Jackson?

Probably not. At this point in his career, Jackson is a three-time Pro Bowler who will most likely look to go to a contender and win a ring. Hence why he signed with the Rams. But given the recent development of rookie pass-catcher Van Jefferson and how Cooper Kupp is leading the league in receiving yards, it may look like Jackson’s true WR1 days are over.

Jackson would most likely prefer to be that top pass catcher for any team he goes to, and he’d get that here in Houston. But would he want to go through what the Texans are going through right now? Most likely he’d pass.

But for a team that’s struggled as hard as Houston has, it can’t hurt to make an offer.

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