Nick Caserio is a hypocrite when it comes to trading Texans players

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Does Nick Caserio even have any idea what he’s doing for the Texans?

As the trade deadline finally arrives on Tuesday, Houston Texans General Manager Nick Caserio has flip-flopped on when it comes to trading players. While he sits in his office trying to make the teams pony up to make a big offer for Deshaun Watson, he meanwhile trades one of his best offensive players for a 7th round pick three years down the road.

That was the Mark Ingram trade to make that clear. So here’s the issue with all of this: what is Caserio really trying to do here? Does he want a real rebuild or not? It’s not really making sense when these two instances are compared.

There’s also the time earlier this year in August that Caserio made three trades in eight days for cornerbacks and one of them was cut before the final roster was set (Ka’Darr Hollman). The compensation for these were draft picks that weren’t too far down the road, but 5th round picks and later are what they are for a reason.

Texans cannot afford to perform an ineffective rebuild

Want to know how the players think about all of this? Just look at Brandin Cooks‘ frustration when Mark Ingram was traded. If Caserio thinks Cooks is going to stick around after playing in an offense that couldn’t locate the yard line ahead of them, then to quote South Park “You’re gonna have a bad time“.

Plenty of teams could use Cooks and some might be willing to pay a big amount for him. Trying to wait for a court ruling/decision on the Deshaun Watson front is also another wild card that may actually lessen the haul the Texans get for Watson.

Caserio- figure out what the heck you want. This has to be 100% in or out.

Next. Please play Scottie Phillips. dark