Ranking seven different Deshaun Watson trade destinations

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Deshaun Watson
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As the Deshaun Watson trade rumors heat up, which teams realistically could make a trade?

Ever since Deshaun Watson has declared his dislike of the Houston Texans for trading away DeAndre Hopkins and then hiring a new General Manager and Head Coach without consulting him. Throw in the fact that they ignored a search firm’s ideas, and then the 20-plus accusations of sexual misconduct and this is a nightmare recipe for any team to go through.

There were rumblings of the Miami Dolphins being involved early on, and then the Carolina Panthers joined. Former teammates tried to speak on Watson’s behalf of his desire to become a Denver Bronco. The Texans can trade him to anyone they want, but there is a catch.

Watson has a no-trade clause that basically gives him the final say in where he goes. As long as the team isn’t anything in terms of the quality of the Houston Texans, then chances are he’s going to take that one-way ticket out of town.

This list is going to include some teams that haven’t been discussed as trade partners, but in a way could have anywhere from a small to very likely chance of trading for Deshaun Watson. These eight teams will be ranked from least likely to most. These are just projected trades, and when November 2nd comes around who knows who will land Watson.

Should the Texans have traded Watson earlier in the year? Would it have been beneficial to trade him before the draft, perhaps getting a first-round pick? Maybe that would have solved some of the on-the-field woes the Texans are having.