The Houston Texans are officially in purgatory after Colts loss

Davis Mills.
Davis Mills. /

Final. 3. 10. 31. 46

The Houston Texans went into Indianapolis but their mistakes doomed them.

Does anyone know where the rushing attack has gone? Because it’s been missing since Week 1. On top of that, a penalty by Jordan Akins killed a great drive by Davis Mills and the offense early on in the first quarter.

The Texans in the first half had plenty of more plays in Colts territory than Indianapolis did, but once again mistakes did them in. A bad throw by Mills cost the Texans four points as they only came away with a Ka’imi Fairbairn field goal.

This offense borders on purgatory, like Jeff Fisher 7-9 purgatory. Not bad enough to go 3-and-out every drive, but also just good enough to tease you of that the thought of an actual scoring drive. David Johnson can’t get his act together.

The Texans defense certainly is the former, as Carson Wentz continued his throwback performance like it was 2017. Johnathon Taylor was held in check for quite some time until an 83-yard sonic boom run in the third quarter.

Davis Mills can guide the offense, but the Houston Texans just can’t finish

What would this offense be if it could cap drives with touchdowns instead of field goals? There is so much time to play the “shoulda woulda coulda” game. For those who think David Culley is the reason Mills isn’t doing so hot, that’s not correct.

Remember, Mills is a rookie and will struggle. He can chuck the rock around the field. Remember, the offensive line was shuffled today and there were inexperienced backups playing instead of the usual starters.

It just goes to show how much fixing the Texans truly need. It’s why they need to ship Deshaun Watson out as soon as possible for whatever they can get in terms of draft stock. This is going to be a long process back to the top, and the Houston Texans must sell the farm.

Oh, and the Arizona Cardinals are next.

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