Culley: Starting QB role is Tyrod Taylor’s when he come back

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Enjoy the Davis Mills experience while you can, Tyrod Taylor’s job is safe.

Houston Texans head coach David Culley announced earlier this week that once Tyrod Taylor is fully healthy, he will regain his starting job.  After two consecutive years where Taylor was replaced by rookie quarterbacks after being injured, Culley is putting an end to a rather infamous streak.

It’s great that Culley is doing this, as Mills’ offensive explosion against the New England Patriots may be an outlier. How else would it be described after Mills’ passer rating went from the ’20s to over 140 in just the span of a week?

This isn’t a knock against Mills either. Mills showed what he is capable of when given the chance to actually throw. His offensive line and the entire unit did their jobs on Sunday. If it wasn’t for questionable decisions and mistakes on the other two sides of the ball, the Texans would have easily won.

Tyrod Taylor gives the Houston Texans the best chance to win

If this wasn’t obvious before, well, here you go. Taylor had tied the Cleveland Browns at halftime before getting injured. Taylor has the NFL experience to go up against quality defenses and do well enough to put the team in a position to succeed.

Whether or not Texans fans want the team to win is a whole different discussion. Winning a few games won’t destroy the chances of the Texans missing out on the player that suits them best. Without getting too into the draft, most Texans fans on our Facebook page want an offensive lineman.

Unless it’s a case where one goes first overall (Eric Fisher comes to mind), then that lineman will fall. After the offseason the team went through, it’s okay to just win a few games. Winning is fun, is it not?

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