NFL Trade Deadline: Which Houston Texans that aren’t Deshaun Watson could be traded?

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Justin Reid caps off our final Houston Texans potential deadline trade

Justin Reid has been a Stanford standout for the Houston Texans. Just like his teammate (Scharping), Reid has quietly been one of the better players at his position. Reid has 2 interceptions and 20 tackles on the season and can keep track of receivers downfield.

It would pain Houston Texans fans to see him traded away, sort of how another former Texans safety left the team a few years ago. This time, It’s Reid who joins Tyrann Mathieu in Kansas City to help out their deep secondary.

Daniel Sorenson’s decline has proven insurmountable for Mathieu to handle on his own.  This is where Reid comes in to help lock down the other half of the field for the Chiefs defense that desperately needs some coverage sacks to help out their pass rush.

Reid is arguably the Texans’ best defensive player, and potentially the best player on the team. That’s why the Chiefs have to pay up here to get Reid. This would be the one that would be least likely to happen- as the Texans would have to dot their i’s and cross their t’s before pulling the trigger on this trade.

If not a second-round pick, then the lowest Caserio should take is a third-round choice.  It may just be the time for the Houston Texans fire sale. Will anyone of the 31 teams be a buyer?

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