Houston Texans use a flea flicker; Watch the TD pass by Davis Mills

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Who knew the Houston Texans offense could be creative and look like they can be successful and have fun? In the third quarter in Week 5 that was the case with this team using the old-fashioned trick play: The Flea Flicker.

The third quarter touchdown came when after Texans quarterback Davis Mills handed off the ball, it was pitched back to him, and from there the fun ensued with a pass to wide receiver Chris Conley for a 37-yard touchdown.

This play was fun to watch, and it is even better to see the Houston Texans actually think out of the box with a pass play like the flea flicker. Below is the video highlight of the play provided by @NFL Twitter:

Houston Texans: Mills’ third TD pass of game is the most creative of game

Before this Week 5 game, Conley had three receptions in the ’21 season, but this catch on Sunday for 37 yards was his longest reception of the season, and his first touchdown catch since last year with the Jacksonville Jaguars where he had two.

After last week it was evident the Houston Texans needed a lot of work done with their offense, and at lest so far in Week 5 that improvement is starting to show, and it was much needed. With Mills having two other touchdown passes going to tight end Antony Auclair and wide receiver Chris Moore in this game, how fun is it to see the creativity of finding three different receivers make touchdown catches?

This is also Mills’ best game of his shot-career and it isn’t over yet. Can he add another touchdown pass to his overall totals in Week 5?

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If he can do so that will make everyone forget his growing pains so far up to this point of the season, especially last week when he had his worse performance.