Will the Houston Texans win another game in 2021?

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After watching the Houston Texans offense collect a total of 109 yards on 42 plays, even against a defense as talented as the Buffalo Bills, this question must be asked, “Can the Houston Texans win another game in 2021?”

This team has regressed instead of progressed as of late, and things don’t look good. This isn’t even on the defense as much after losing 40-0 to the Bills this past Sunday at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo. This is about a poor offense, maybe the worst in Houston Texans history, not being able to score any points on Sunday.

The Texans’ offense had 12 drives on offense, and within those doze drives they averaged 2.6 yards per play. They had six first downs, and of those only two were via the running game.

That brings us to the next point in wondering if the Texans can win another game this season. That is this … Why is the running game so bad?

Houston has five running backs on the roster and none of them are doing anything the past three games. The running back room of Mark Ingram II, David Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, Rex Burkhead, and Scottie Phillips as a unit in the first four games of ’21 have collected 332 yards rushing.

Their play, and the run blocking of the Houston Texans is tough to watch. The run game is suffering because the passing game is struggling, as Davis Mills passed for 87 yards and four interceptions in Week 4. As for the rushing game, they averaged 2.7 yards per rush on 18 total attempts on the ground.

Eighteen rushing attempts isn’t even trying to be successful or willing to give your defense some rest. Yes, the run game was awful, and it had no help from the passing game either, but this offense has three players who at one time in their NFL careers have rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season.

Heck, David Johnson was traded for DeAndre Hopkins because the general manager at the time believed in his abilities as a running back.

Johnson is now the second running back option on the depth chart of Houston Texas, and that general manager/head coach – we’ll call him Bill O’ Brien – has been fired and now is an offensive coordinator for Alabama. Roll Tide.

Though the former GM built the foundation for this current situation, Johnson in 2021 has 16 rushes for 67 yards and that’s not on that GM. Johnson’s numbers also include zero rushing scores, two first downs, and 4.2 yards per carry, which is down from last season’s 4.8 ypc.

Johnson does have eight receptions for 67 yards and a touchdown receiving so that’s the positive point of his season. On Sunday in Week 4 Johnson finished with five carries for 21 yards.

This isn’t all on Johnson, but the entire offensive game plan didn’t work either and that’s on Texans head David Culley and Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly. Again, we know the coaches aren’t out there playing in the game, but the coaching staff had 10 days in-between games to prepare for this game and they weren’t.

The next four games on the schedule for the Texans are vs. New England Patriots (Week 5), at Indianapolis Colts (Week 6), at Arizona Cardinals (Week 7), and vs. Los Angeles Rams (Week 8).

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Are any of those games winnable, even when Tyrod Taylor returns at quarterback? It is hard to believe this franchise has a shot to upset any team left on their schedule not named the Jaguars, so the answer after the Week 4 performance feels like a no on any chance to win in October or beyond.