Houston Texans: Who leads the AFC South standings after 3 weeks?

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

After three games in the 2021 NFL season, where do the Houston Texans stand with the rest of the AFC South?

What a unique season it has been for the Houston Texans and the AFC South after just three games. The standings aren’t what we thought they would be at this point of the season, and two of the teams in the division are winless, and one of them is not the Texans.

The leaders of the division are the reigning and defending champions, that being the Tennessee Titans, who at 2-1 are coming off a win against the Indianapolis Colts by a 25-16 score. Next is the Houston Texans with a 1-2 record in the AFC South, losing their past two games. Houston is coming off a 24-9 loss to the Carolina Panthers, and things won’t be much easier when they face the Buffalo Bills in Week 4.

From there in a surprising spot are the Indianapolis Colts at 0-3, but with the Colts they’ve been hampered with some injuries to key spots in the lineup. Quarterback Carson Wentz has issues with being injured and inconsistent due to those injuries for the entire season after being injured in training camp.

Of course, the other 0-3 team are the Urban Meyer coached Jacksonville Jaguars. With rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence going through rookie growing pains paired with being under the microscope, things haven’t gone as planned.

Houston Texans: AFC South is better than the standings show

There is no way the AFC South is as bad as the standings are showing after three weeks. Tennessee has the one loss, and it came against Arizona Cardinals by a 38-13 score, but their first win of the season was in Week 2 by a 33-30 score over the Seattle Seahawks.

The Houston Texans have a win against Jacksonville, and their losses were against a good Cleveland Browns team, and a Carolina defense that’s ranked at the top of the NFL. Again, it is going to take time with a rookie quarterback for success to come, plus we can’t forget the Houston Texans are still in a rebuild mode, so wins probably won’t be happening much in ’21. Improvement in each game is the key with this franchise.

The fact of the matter is Houston has a lot of improving to do, and with the Jaguars still being a bad football team, and the Colts have their struggles, that’s why the Texans are somehow sitting in second place in the division. It is a good spot to be in, but will it last once the Colts get things worked out?

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In Week 4 the Texans travel to face the Buffalo Bills, while the Jaguars play this Thursday night at the Cincinnati Bengals. Also in Week 4, the Colts will be visiting the Miami Dolphins, and the Titans face the New York Jets in the big apple.