What are the 3 main reasons the Houston Texans can shock the Buffalo Bills?

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The Houston Texans will free Davis Mills and let him throw

We all know that the first 27-something minutes of the first half for the Houston Texans offense last week was an embarrassing, despicable, and safe route taken by Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly.

It wasn’t until a two-minute drill in which there were more aggressive plays called and that’s where Mills led a touchdown drive capped by zinging a ball to Anthony Miller right before the half. When going up against the nitrous-oxide-fueled Buffalo passing attack, the only way to keep pace with them is to play their game.

That means throwing the ball over and over again. If Mills can get some help from the offensive line, then he’ll have time to lead scoring drives. Mills hasn’t yet been known to scramble in the NFL, so keeping a clean pocket is imperative to winning this game.

When it comes to the Bills pass rush, they’re just like the Panthers. Not a single person to fear, but a lot of decent players that are put in the right position at the right time by Leslie Frazier, their Defensive Coordinator. The Bills have 9 sacks through three games.

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Come Sunday, it will most likely be a blowout. If the game is close, these reasons will play a huge part in doing so. Houston is hoping to have a chance in this one, just like they did last week.