It’s time for Joey Slye to ‘Slye’ out of Houston

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

This is getting old really fast with Joey Slye.

The former Carolina Panthers kicker was signed after Kai’imi Fairbairn went on the temporary I.R. moments before the preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Joey Slye was his replacement. This could have been a revenge game for the former Panther who struggled with kicks down the stretch last year and well into training camp this August.

What Panthers fans could see is someone who wasn’t reliable when it mattered the most, and all the missed kicks he had in Carolina has seemed to carry over to Houston. Panthers fans on Twitter were loving the fact that Slye missed a kick against his former team.

Now it’s known that there aren’t a lot of free-agent kickers out there with NFL experience (only 32 jobs anyway), but wouldn’t Nick Caserio try holding a tryout or something of sorts? It never hurts to bring in two to three kickers have them duel it out with their legs.

We tried to warn the Houston Texans about Joey Slye

Once it was known that Slye was going to be the kicker, a look upon his stats would reveal that he statistically was a pretty good kicker, making roughly 75% of his kicks. While that is great on paper, the fact is when those misses occurred is what skews the numbers.

Before this gets too many crazy responses, yes, Slye has only missed one FG and XP this year. However, that’s four points left on the field and put onto the scoreboard. Both would have changed momentum completely, and the Texans cannot afford to do this. If they do, who knows how bad this season is going to get.

Get well soon, Ka’imi. We miss you.

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