3 fearless reasons the Houston Texans can upstage the Carolina Panthers in primetime

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Zane Gonzalez will miss kicks, giving the Houston Texans breathing room

If you somehow perhaps followed the Arizona Cardinals last season or know of Zane Gonzalez’s career, you know that he has been absolutely brutal when it comes to crucial kicks. Two missed kicks against the Patriots and Dolphins basically cost Arizona the playoffs last year. Gonzalez also missed several kicks in Cleveland when it mattered in an agonizing fashion.

So lo and behold that Gonzalez landed in Carolina (after being cut by Detroit) and once again struggled in the powder blue. Gonzalez had a kicked block and missed an extra point. The blocked field goal can be debated on whose fault that really was, but a missed extra point can be a death sentence in a closer game. He was so bad that he was declared the second-biggest loser in Week 2 by our CatCrave site.

It could turn into a revenge game for Joey Slye, but Gonzalez is way worse than Slye has ever been. When Gonzalez was cut from Arizona, fans rejoiced. There should be no reason that Gonzalez should be trusted (or Slye for that matter) to make critical kicks.

If the game is on the line and Gonzalez lines up to kick and the kick is between 40-49 yards, then don’t expect Gonzalez to make it. It’s where he struggled the most in his career.