Houston Texans: Tyrod Taylor ‘tip-toes’ for touchdown

Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor shines as he scores second quarter touchdown.

The Houston Texans offense has a new leader and quarterback Tyrod Taylor is the man who has taken over that role and showcased his ability to be the top choice at the position in 2021.

Taylor’s most recent showcase of his abilities on the football field with an outstanding rushing touchdown in Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns during the second quarter. The touchdown and PAT put the Texans ahead of the Browns, 14-7 at the time of the score.

The unfortunate part of this run was Taylor limped off the field with a hamstring injury. Since then Davis Mills, the rookie third round pick has entered the game at QB.

Since then Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield also rushed for a touchdown. The PAT by the Browns tied the score at 14, which the score stood as halftime arrived.

The touchdown run by Taylor say him race around the defense of Cleveland on third down. As Taylor turned the corned, he raced past Myles Garrett in heavy pursuit, then managed to stay in-bounds as he “tip-toed” for the touchdown, as the tip-toed run was described by NFL Twitter.

As for NFL Twitter, here is the highlight of the touchdown run by the Houston Texans quarterback Taylor in Week 2:


Now here is the short-yardage touchdown run by Mayfield as he improvised on the goal line to score his six points. NFL Twitter provides the highlight to the run by the Browns quarterback Mayfield at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland:

Both quarterbacks want to keep proving how talented they are, and in Week 2 both Taylor and Mayfield are playing up to their abilities. Taylor has a lot on his plate as he’s taking over for former starter Deshaun Watson.

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It is good to see Taylor have success with a first half touchdown in the air and on the ground as he’s showed he is a multi-threat quarterback, hopefully his hamstring injury isn’t too bad.