Here’s three reasons the Houston Texans will trample the Dawg Pound

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Houston Texans
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This is simply a trap game for the Browns that the Houston Texans can win

After last week’s win (that wasn’t supposed to happen), there were a lot of pleasantly surprised Texans fans and just as many frustrated Browns fans wondering what just happened. The fact that the Browns could be going down to an 0-2 record is enough to increase the pressure at home.

There’s also the aspect that the Houston Texans have no expectations at all. No expectations, no pressure. This was the squad that was supposed to be the first team to go 0-17. Houston has a chance, and before some may say that’s not going to happen, remember the NFL and its “any given Sunday” atmosphere is just as prevalent as they’ve ever been.

Could the sight of seeing the Bengals and Steelers ahead in the division also slowly eat at this tough Browns squad? It’s definitely likely as Joe Burrow is now healthy this season and the Steelers stole a win in Buffalo on the road.

Houston can make this a tight game, and if it’s within one score heading into the fourth quarter then it will be must-see television. For a final score, here’s what it would look like:

31. 10. 30. 53. Prediction

It’s a late Joey Slye field goal that makes the difference in this one. The Houston Texans leave 2-0 and are one of the most surprising stories in the NFL.

Any given Sunday, folks. Any given Sunday.

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