Houston Texans shocking NFL with big lead over Jacksonville Jaguars at half

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans are bringing it to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Before this game started, there was talk that the Houston Texans would end up being the worst team in the league. After one half of play, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If it wasn’t for a questionable decision by Texans Head Coach David Culley (which led to a Jaguars score), then the Texans would be shutting out their opponent heading into halftime. Before it gets brought up, yes, it’s still the Jaguars.

The real thing to get at is that some predictions had this Texans team going 0-17. Seriously? That’s absolutely comical.  Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is certainly struggling as he currently has 2 interceptions. It’s early for him and his first NFL game, but was this Jaguars team really supposed to be that much better than Houston?

That’s definitely not going to happen.

How the Houston Texans can continue to keep the lead in the second half

Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly can’t abandon the run. It’s all a part of their identity change and it’s been working early on. It’s kept the blitzing nature of the Jaguars at bay. The offensive will be able to dictate the pace of play- making it easier to pass block down the stretch.

Houston will also need to finish drives, as a handful of Joey Slye field goals are signs of inefficient offense. Points are points and the Texans need all they can get. It’s still a young Texans team and they’re learning as they go. It wouldn’t hurt to see a 4th and short attempt from David Culley, however.

Also if the referees could figure out what pass interference really is and what encroachment looks like, that would be fine too. Can’t complain when you’re in the lead, but those were head-scratching calls.

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We’ll see how the second half goes!