3 reasons why the Houston Texans are not the worst team in the NFL

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Houston Texans
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The AFC South is the most fluid division outside of the NFC West

Take a moment to look at this division. Tennessee can’t seem to shake the COVID bug. Indianapolis can’t catch a break with injuries- which resulted in their offensive line issues deepening. Jacksonville is well, Jacksonville. I’m not saying the Houston Texans are going to win the division (it’d take a miracle), but the fact that this is a division in which its power structure is volatile.

If the other teams in this division hit a bump in the road, it’s unlikely that they have enough depth to continue their momentum. Are Colts fans truly prepared for either of their backup QB’s to take over if Carson Wentz gets hurt again or plays inconceivably bad?

Houston Texans
Houston Texans /

Houston Texans

Do Titans fans trust Logan Woodside to get the ball out in a timely fashion to their dynamic wide receiver duo of Julio Jones and A.J. Brown? Can Jacksonville actually win more than one game this season?

One can debate on which roster is the deepest, but in situations like these having experienced players matters. General Manager Nick Caserio hit the “NFL Veterans Assemble” button just like the Legion of Doom did in Challenge of the SuperFriends.

There could be a slim chance that this actually happens, and the Texans might just be ready for it when the time comes. It could also totally be a miserable season just as everyone is expecting, and something that’s recognized and heard by us at Toro Times.

So the next time the power rankings come out, hopefully, the Houston Texans are a bit higher. There’s just no way this team can be behind the likes of Jacksonville and the Detroit Lions.

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