Eye of the Jaguar: 3 Key things Houston Texans must prepare for

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How will Urban Meyer fare against the Houston Texans?

Probably one of the more gutsy hires of recent memory, Shad Khan pulled the trigger and brought on Urban Meyer as his head coach earlier this year. What was bad was the hiring of Chris Doyle who had a damaged reputation as a strength coach after his time with the University of Iowa. Since then, things have been alright- but definitely not exempt from criticism.

Meyer was the long-time coach at Ohio State and the University of Florida as well. Meyer had a pretty successful collegiate tenure with three national championship rings to his name. If he can take someone that’s as historic as Trevor Lawrence was for Clemson and be successful, then the sky’s the limit for Meyer as the AFC South isn’t the toughest and secure division (pretty much the opposite of say, the NFC North with Green Bay).

What also comes to mind is his game management. It sounds silly to ask, but does Meyer know that the clock doesn’t stop after every first down as it does at the college level? Does he know how to come out of two-minute warnings and have successful plays?

Houston Texans Head Coach David Culley will also get to be in his first game as an NFL head coach. With his 27 years of experience, of course, he knows the nuances more than Meyer. It’s more strategy and game management that are the things to watch with Culley as the first game of the season gets underway.