Houston Texans need to ditch the ‘Deep Steel Blue’ for ‘Battle Red’ jerseys

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

It’s time for the Houston Texans to make a jersey change.

If the Houston Texans want to change the culture, why not change the uniforms? Over the history of the NFL, there have notable jersey changes that have indirectly coincided with a new era of winning for those franchises. Please note that causation does not equal correlation. Just because a team changes the color of the jersey they wear does not mean they will start winning on that fact alone.

Those previous teams are the mid-1990s & 2012 Denver Broncos, the 2000 New England Patriots, the 1997 and 2020 Buccaneers. Of course, these franchises were in a completely different state, but when such recent success is linked to their decision to change threads it’s hard to ignore.

If the Texans are all about displaying their colors (Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, Liberty White), then why not make the default uniform show all three colors? The uniforms pictured above are the sharpest ones that the Houston Texans own.

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The Houston Texans using red as their home color would look amazing

NRG Stadium’s lower bowl is all blue with the endzone painted the same color as their current home default jerseys. Having the red be the default one would work better in terms of contrast. This is going to be a total rebuild and who knows if Deshaun Watson will be around for it,

It’s a perfect time to try it out and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could go down? A switch back to the blue jerseys after a rebuilding team doesn’t do well in them?

Other than not liking the idea itself, there’s no reason not to like the possibility of this. Another reason is that all of the Houston Texans divisional opponents have some shade of blue or teal- and the contrast between those colors may help on gameday. Red has always been seen as a dominant color, so much that studies have shown that it may help in human performance.

So what do you say, Texans? Make the switch to the red and let’s see what happens.

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