Houston Texans: 3 Free agent RB’s to replace David Johnson if traded

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Houston Texans, Duke Johnson
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2. Duke Johnson

The Houston Texans can look into their past and finally give running back Duke Johnson the opportunity he deserves, because when in Houston before he didn’t get the chance he deserved.

The Texans only rushed the ball with Duke Johnson 77 times, resulting in 235 yards, an average of just 3.1 yards per carry. Before last season, Johnson’s previous four seasons he averaged no less than 4.2 yards per carry, including 4.9 ypc with the Texans in ’19.

The number of carries the Texans gave him were close to his usual number of carries in other stops of his career, but something wasn’t the same when in Houston last season, and there were many reasons that could have happened.

When the Texans released Duke Johnson, it felt like a mistake. A reunion with the franchise would work because he has played well as an NFL player, and he wouldn’t be the player needed to take the heavy load, as that role would go to Scottie Phillips and Phillip Lindsay if the Texans were to trade David Johnson, then add Duke Johnson to the roster.

It is a long shot this would happen, but for future seasons this would work out well because Duke Johnson is 28 years old, the Texans would gain a draft pick for David Johnson, and the rebuild would continue with more carries to the rest of the running back roster.