Houston Texans: Scottie Phillips is the future at running back

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Houston Texans: Scottie Phillips compares to Arian Foster

While being an underrated running back, Scottie Phillip’s receiving skills may be even more underrated. His ability to swing wide and catch a screen pass, or go deep off of a wheel route to track the ball over the top of his head is admirable.

These are all things that have shown up during training camp this year and is the reason Phillips is on the Houston Texans 53-man roster. A team doesn’t usually carry five running backs, but Texans general manager Nick Caserio knew if he let Phillips go he wouldn’t be able to grab him back for the practice squad because of the value he brings. Instead the Texans released Buddy Howell.

Phillips is a special player, and at 23 years old look for him to soon take over as the feature back going into the ’22 NFL season for the Houston Texans. Playing time is the only thing holding him back from being the next great undrafted running back for the Texans.

His game resembles that of Houston Texans legend Arian Foster and with time his statistics and play on the field may mirror Foster as well.

For some Texans fans that comparison will be hard to accept do to Foster’s legacy in Houston. While that is understandable, try to separate the names from the players and the emotion from your assumption.

Watch the tape and the comparison to Foster becomes clear, especially their vision to hit jump cuts and hit the hole, to the speed to take the outside edge and run up the sideline is comparable. In the passing game is where the comparison is harder to see, with reps the comparison between the two players will come to light as well.

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Don’t underestimate the ability and drive of Phillips with the Houston Texans, because the talent level is there as he’s the future top running back of this franchise.