Houston Texans should trade David Johnson to Baltimore

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

With the J.K. Dobbins news, the Houston Texans can help out by trading David Johnson.

When Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins went down with what ultimately turned out to be a torn ACL in the final preseason game, it sent out an official replacement call. Enter Houston Texans running back David Johnson as a potential replacement.

Pay no mind to the past struggles Johnson has had since his breakout years in Arizona. Baltimore’s offense is great for Johnson, and Nick Caserio can continue to add draft capital for the Houston Texans as they trudge out of the biggest rebuild in franchise history.

The reason why Baltimore is such a good fit for Johnson is the fact that they are a run-heavy offense. Baltimore operates in 11 personnel by default, but when they shift into 21 and 22 personnel, they have a success rate of 53% and 60% respectively (according to SharpFootballStats.com, best seen on laptop/desktop). In both formations, Baltimore ran it 66% percent of the time.

It’s not rocket science- when you have more usage in formations that are conducive to running the ball, the overall chances of succeeding are higher.  Meanwhile, Houston was way more dominant in 11 and 12 personnel as they led the league in passing last season.

What a potential Houston Texans-Baltimore Ravens trade would look like

In what would be another late-round draft trade for Caserio (seeing how he made 3 trades in 8 days in August), this would be beneficial for both clubs. Baltimore’s depth behind Dobbins in Gus Edwards and a handful of other young, inexperienced players.

Why not get Johnson who can be effective when the passing game does well? This is the case in Baltimore, and the option threat with quarterback Lamar Jackson is always another level to a defense’s prep.

Johnson’s contract isn’t that much and after the Ravens make their 53-man roster cuts, it’s definitely a doable trade.

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What do you say, Baltimore? You’ve got nothing to lose.