Houston Texans: What’s next at quarterback?

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Jalen Hurts
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Making a trade is the final way the Texans can find their next QB

The trade market is the most intriguing route for the Houston Texans to take to fill their need at the quarterback position. The most likely trade scenario involving a quarterback coming to Houston is by simply trading Deshaun Watson.

The most likely destination for Watson has long been thought to be the Miami Dolphins meaning Tua Tagovailoa would be coming to Houston as part of the trade including draft capital and possibly a defensive starter.

While Tua is extremely raw he is also young and showing strides in his development. It also has been rumored Texans general manager Nick Caserio was enamored with Tua coming out of college while Caserio was in New England.

The next rumored destination for Watson has been to the Philadelphia Eagles which would lead one to think a package involving Jalen Hurts and future draft capital would be coming back to Houston.

This was is intriguing on many levels starting with Hurts obvious talent and upside. This move would likely get the Houston Texans fan base buzzing due to the fact that Hurts is from Houston and would instantly become a fan favorite.

The last destination that has been out there for Watson has been to the Denver Broncos meaning the most likely trade package would include the likes of Drew Lock, future draft capital and again, possibly a defensive starter.

Lock has a rocket for and arm and is coming into his own as a player. While he is still raw one could argue Lock is further ahead in his development than Tua or Hurts.

With any of these players in the fold along with the draft capital that Houston receives as part of the trade of Watson it would speed up the rebuild. With one of these guys in the fold Caserio could shift his focus to the rest of the roster with the draft capital and cap space the Texans would gain.

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There are plenty of options for the Houston Texans at quarterback going into this upcoming offseason either by trade, drafting or signing one in free agency. There will be plenty to choose from for Caserio regardless of what path he chooses. The only question is will he make the correct choice?