Texans vs. Cowboys: Mark Ingram battles way for a touchdown

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When the Houston Texans defense had Jacob Martin force a turnover with a forced fumble that was recovered by Charles Omenihu, the ensuing offensive drive showed why the team might be better than many of us think.

The play in the preseason Week 2 game with the Texans facing the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium saw veteran running back battle his way for a 2-yard touchdown, and the @NFL Twitter page described it as: “Game of inches. @markingramII knows it!”

One thing is for certain when pertaining to the touchdown run by Ingram, and that is he’s not finished just yet and still has something left in the tank. Look at the play for yourself from the Saturday night battle with the Cowboys:

Houston Texans: Mark Ingram has new number, still a very good player

Though it will take some getting used to with Mark Ingram wearing No. 2 instead of the No. 21 he wore while a member of the Baltimore Ravens, it is a new start for Ingram on an interesting running back roster.

Ingram is on a depth chart that includes Phillip Lindsay and David Johnson, so the Houston Texans do have talent at the position, but the question is will they have a player capable of gaining a 1,000-yard season, even with the extra game in ’21?

It isn’t if the players are talented enough, because they are, but will there be enough carries among those three on the Texans’ offense, if in fact they are the three running backs who make the roster, which is a big possibility.

Ingram didn’t get a ton of snaps in his final season with the Ravens, which could pay dividends for the Houston Texans this regular season, and what will be even more interesting is seeing how many carries and what in-game situations Ingram will have in ’21.

This two-yard carry for Ingram might be a clue for one of his roles on the offense, and if that is the case, that would be great to start the season to see exactly where Ingram stands.

Also, we don’t want to forget about what Johnson and Lindsay can bring to this offense because Lindsay could be the surprise of the offseason with his chances to gain a third career 1,000-yard season, as he had two of those in his three seasons with the Denver Broncos.

Johnson still draws questions as he didn’t have the best year in ’20, so this could be a reset season for the Texans running back who was the top starter last season.

Texans: Jacob Martin forces fumble that leads to TD. dark. Next

All in all, when it goes back to Ingram and his touchdown run, it is a much-needed positive in an offseason that didn’t have a lot of positivity, and at the time of the score, it gave the Texans the lead in the first quarter.