Houston Texans: How to navigate from current doom to Champagne room

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Just because the Houston Texans can hire ex-New England Patriots doesn’t mean they should.

If you’ve watched this gradual disintegration of the Houston Texans franchise, you have seen the New England to Houston pipeline be one busy path for up-and-coming assistants to travel to.  Bill O’Brien was from New England, along with Romeo Crennel, and general manager Nick Caserio among the others.

While O’Brien led the Texans to arguably their most successful stretch as a franchise, the ticking time bomb has blown up. Hiring Nick Caserio was one of the things that the Houston Texans screwed up on, and it’s exactly how Deshaun Watson became furious with the team earlier this year. Even the evil Jack Easterby was also a former Patriots staff member.

This isn’t just a Texans problem. It’s an NFL problem- take a look at the tweet below. Why do teams continue to hire Patriots personnel? This is just as ridiculous as Zac Taylor getting a head coaching job with the Bengals, just because Taylor simply existed in the same room as Sean McVay for a season.

So if Cal McNair, the CEO of the team and basically the highest-ranking person inside the building outside of Janice McNair (owner) would actually listen to his franchise quarterback about being involved with these kinds of decisions, maybe it would’ve never happened.

Houston Texans must get draft capital to help the coaching staff

With the Watson situation being what it is, who knows if the trade value will ever be the same after a decision on all his allegations is reached by a court. So how else can the Texans help themselves?

It goes back to the last slide- admit that it’s a rebuilding phase, and sell off what you can to get as many draft picks as possible. It’s only after that point that the Texans could consider going after a new player from a different team to build around.

Or they will literally have the future in their hands- if only the GM and people above can get it right.