Caserio: Deshaun Watson not expected to travel for Green Bay Packers game

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Gpg Packers Texans 080219 Jc0568 /

The embattled Deshaun Watson is not going to suit up this weekend for the Houston Texans.

Early Tuesday morning, Houston Texans general manager went on a local radio show (SportsRadio 610). When asked about the chances of Deshaun Watson playing in the game, Caserio says he “does not expect him to travel”.

Even at this point being unofficial, it wouldn’t surprise anyone that he didn’t come to the lovely confines of Green Bay given all of his pending legal cases. Roger Goodell still hasn’t put him on the NFL’s exempt list, so there’s always a small chance that Watson could play.

Even if these problems weren’t surrounding Watson, would he have even played for the Texans in this preseason? It may be wise to at least play your starters in the preseason for a little bit- it’s the first preseason in two years for the entire league.

It’s looking more and more like Deshaun Watson won’t play. It’s pretty much Tyrod Taylor’s time.

If there ever was a more golden opportunity to run away with a starting job, then Tyrod Taylor has it right in front of him. Backups like Taylor, 2021 third-round pick Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel are going to see their snap counts skyrocket if Caserio’s expectations come true.

Taylor will get a chance to work against the Packers defense, as well as build rapport with the young offensive weapons that are itching for their first taste of the NFL. If the Texans get off to a good start they could put themselves in a spot to win the game.

It’s only preseason, but a win would do wonders for this fanbase and team. It would show them that despite it being mostly backups that they can (or could) win, even without their franchise quarterback.

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We’ll keep an eye on this situation, but it’s looking like Deshaun Watson may not travel to Green Bay.