3 reasons Andre Johnson should enter the HOF before Anquan Boldin

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Andre Johnson
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Here are three Andre Johnson deserves to go into the Hall of Fame before Anquan Boldin.

Separated by only one round in the 2003 NFL draft, both Andre Johnson and Anquan Boldin were some of the most productive wide receivers the league has ever seen. To think that the likes of Charles Rogers and Bryant Johnson were both selected before Andre Johnson and Boldin is funny when we look back on it.

Regardless, it worked out for both teams as both benefitted from the star power that they used to change the game around them. But Andre Johnson deserves to go in first into the Hall of Fame (this is a moot point if they go in together, but I digress). Here are the three reasons that it should happen.

Included are the quarterbacks who threw him the ball, their head-to-head stats, and their impact on the team.  This is not a disrespect to Boldin at all, as he was one of my favorite players growing up, and what he did cannot be denied. This is Johnson’s case to be in before Boldin.