What a possible Panthers-Texans Deshaun Watson trade could be

Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /

With the Carolina Panthers eyeing a potential Deshaun Watson trade, here’s one possible scenario.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported on Wednesday night that the Carolina Panthers are quietly watching the Texans in a possible trade for Deshaun Watson. We all get an extension of “guessing season” (aka the offseason) of what the trade would actually be like.

The previously linked article briefly covered the possible position groups that the Texans could get in a trade with the Panthers. Here’s where we take this one step further by figuring out what the Panthers would give up.

The Panthers just don’t seem to know what they’re doing at quarterback. The Teddy Bridgewater experiment lasted one year, and then Sam Darnold was acquired via trade. Bridgewater is in Denver now. So would the Panthers actually keep him around with a trade?

Here’s where a possible offer in which the Carolina Panthers give up a big haul to get Deshaun Watson

The Texans need a whole lot of help, well….everywhere. Despite the 4-12 finish last season, they weren’t by record the worst team in the league, but it sure did look like it on game film. One of the biggest gaps is at the running back position. Yes, I’m going there by saying that the Panthers could trade Christian McCaffery to the Texans in exchange for Watson.

There could be one or two more additional picks involved in this trade, but this would not be a bad thing at all for Nick Caserio. After the Laremy Tunsil trade and lacking first-round picks the last two seasons, this is a great way to build the team the way he wants to.

It’s not like the Texans were going to perform that well with Watson this year anyways based on the quality of players around him- so why not sell now and reap the benefits down the road?