Deshaun Watson plays scout team defense at training camp

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

When reports for the Houston Texans said quarterback Deshaun Watson was playing scout team defense on the first day of training camp, that is something which will make you take a double take.

Multiple Houston Texans reporters who are currently covering training camp in person reported Wednesday morning the Texans had Deshaun Watson as not only their fourth string quarterback, but he was “playing safety” on the scout team defense.

Say what?

Remember this offseason Deshaun Watson requested a trade from the Texans, and he’s also had some off-the-field legal issues that are still going on. Watson has played the past four seasons with the Texans since being a first round pick (12th overall) in 2017. Watson was also the NFL passing leader in 2020 so he’s a pretty good quarterback and player who can bring great value in a trade.

Again, the reports said Watson was playing scout team defense. Read the following tweets for yourself, first from veteran NFL reporter John McClain of the Houston Chronicle:

When first reading the tweet by McClain the thought he was having some fun with everyone, and there was no way a player who can bring trade value to the level of Watson would be playing out of position on the scout team on day one of practice. Even if he’s just standing there, it is just not a risk worth even taking.

The thought of Watson standing in on defense being a joke was wrong because there was a tweet from Brian T. Smith, also of the Houston Chronicle who said this about Watson and the Texans’ training camp on Tuesday:

Alright then, Deshaun Watson actually played “scout team defense,” and the Texans really had their most valuable player to trade – and the best football player on the field – standing in at safety. Again, even by just standing out there and doing nothing, why even risk it? Crazier injuries have happened.

The decision to have Watson play on defense – practice or not – is inexcusable as a accidental injury would erase any trade value Deshaun Watson has, and the would hurt the current rebuild the Texans have going on at the moment.

Why even allow this to happen?

Deshaun Watson: Training camp decisions make no sense for Texans

Even if Deshaun Watson never plays quarterback for the Houston Texans ever again, there is no reasoning by general manager Nick Caserio, head coach David Culley, offensive coordinator Tim Kelly or anyone involved in decision making for the Houston Texans can give that will ever have Watson standing in at safety make any sense.

There is a reason why Smith described Wednesday’s training camp as “the dumbest and worst day in Texans history” and at least from the standpoint from afar those in charge have no idea what they are doing in risking injuring a player who has outstanding value like quarterback Deshaun Watson, even if the risk is low.

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If the rest of Texans training camp is described by those who are there as “dumb” then when this season takes place we all could be in store for an even longer season than we’ve even imagined.

What’s next, Brandin Cooks standing in at linebacker?