Houston Texans: Five most underrated moves of the offseason

Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Marcus Cannon, Texans
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No. 3: The addition of Marcus Cannon and Justin Britt to the o-line

Here is a move by the Houston Texans that nationally isn’t getting much attention, but when the Texans added right guard Marcus Cannon and center Justin Britt to their depth chart, and most likely the starting lineup, the offensive line of the team improved before a single snap was taken.

Cannon was on the opt-out list for the ’20 season due to COVID-19, and Britt also didn’t play in ’20 due to recovering from an injury and the opt-out list as well. Both o-linemen should be rested, healed up and ready to show they are still capable of achieving success.

Britt joined the Houston Texans via free agency this offseason and should take over as the starting center since Houston released Nick Martin. Britt is a solid NFL veteran, and if he can rebound from his ’19 injury after missing the entire ’20 season, this move will more than pay for itself as he’s on a one-year contract for $1.5 million with a $500,000 signing bonus.

With the addition of Cannon, the right guard spot improved, and it will be very important to see how he goes from tackle to guard, as he’s very capable of doing so. Cannon will most likely play alongside Tytus Howard on the right side of the o-line, and that duo could really help the offensive line improve from what we have seen in recent seasons.