Houston Texans: Five most underrated moves of the offseason

Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Qquarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Houston Texans, Tyrod Taylor
Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Let’s be honest with each other about the Houston Texans for a moment. They have had a lot of issues since the time ran out on the 2020 NFL season, and probably further back than that, as this franchise has been in a tailspin since the playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Jan. ’20 in the divisional round.

That loss has caused many major moves to happen in the Houston Texans franchise. Fast-forward from that moment in time to the current offseason, and decisions are still being made that are either changing the franchise in a positive manner or in a negative one, depending on your own personal view of the situation.

The decisions that have been made by the Texans have included saying goodbye to the greatest to have played in franchise history. Moves also have been made that have made us all think and wonder if that is really going to help the franchise in the long-term.

With first-year general manager Nick Caserio running things, and there being a new first-year head coach being David Culley, there might be a great amount of NFL and football experience between the two but no experience in their current roles.

Now it is time to talk about underrated moves made by the Houston Texans organization, and next are five underrated moves that have been made for the best interest of the organization whether we agree with those decisions or not.

No. 5:  David Culley as the new head coach

Many wanted Eric Bieniemy to be hired as the new head coach of the Houston Texans and for good reason because he is a talented football coach. In the end, even though he was on the wish list of fans, the move made by Houston was to hire veteran NFL position coach David Culley to lead the on-field decisions, as he was most recently the assistant head coach with the Baltimore Ravens.

Why is this an underrated move made by the Texans this offseason? It is simple, with the way the rebuild of the current Texans roster is taking place, a coach that has been coaching football for over 40 years in some way, shape or form is a solid addition to be with a first-year general manager who has also been a part of a winning organization during his tenure in the NFL.

Culley has seen probably everything a coach can see in the NFL at one time or another and has coached many great players, including as recent as Lamar Jackson while with the Ravens. The coach position for the Texans is going to have many tough times ahead in ’21, so Culley at the helm on the sidelines is an underrated move for the Texans this offseason.