Houston Texans Draft: Final mock draft brings future success

Houston Texans helmet Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Houston Texans helmet Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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Houston Texans helmet Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

It is very simple for the Houston Texans and the 2021 NFL Draft … draft players who can contribute for the long haul. This draft for the Texans most likely won’t include draft choices that will spark fireworks or get them on a national media stage with how things stand, and that’s OK.

With how things currently stand for the Houston Texans draft status, they have eight picks on Days 2 and 3 combined, but for the second straight year they aren’t scheduled to make a pick in Round 1, and again, like mentioned all offseason, the Texans currently don’t have a second-round pick either.

That said, the Texans’ picks gong into the start of the 2021 NFL Draft include: 67, 109, 147, 158, 195, 203, 212 and 233. Those picks are from rounds three through seven, with the 67th overall pick being the third pick of the third round.

The Texans have made plenty of changes compared to this time a year ago as the new head coach is David Culley, and the new general manager is Nick Caserio, with both in their respective roles for the first time. The Texans have issues at quarterback as Deshaun Watson earlier this offseason requested to be traded, and now he’s in an off-the-field legal battle that has most likely set any trade talks back, though the Texans have said they don’t want to trade their franchise quarterback.

This offseason has also seen the Texans sign an insurance policy of sorts with Tyrod Taylor being signed as a quarterback on the Houston roster, which is a smart move, because he does have experience as a starter and could be on the field in Week 1 depending on how everything settles out with Watson on and off the field.

All of that said, the Texans will have a new look in 2021 with J.J. Watt no longer with the franchise and over half of the roster from the 4-12 season no longer around as well. The 2021 NFL Draft continues this new era of Texans football, and when Thursday, Friday and Saturday arrive things will be a little clearer for the Houston franchise as they will be selecting players who hopefully can help the roster, if not for this upcoming season, then for plenty of seasons down the line.

Here is the final Houston Texans mock draft by the Toro Times.

Round 3 (67th overall)
Josh Palmer, WR, Tennessee

Again, as it has been stated on more than one occasion on the pages of the Toro Times, Josh Palmer of Tennessee is a player that could be available and help with the current wide receiver depth with the Houston Texans.

Palmer is 6’1” and weighs 210 pounds, and he can (and will) help an NFL team in 2021, so why not the Houston Texans? His NFL.com draft profile has him as a fourth-round projection, while Pro Football Focus has him as a third-round projection, so he should be available when the 67th pick comes along.

What is best about Palmer is he’ll battle with defensive backs, and he can make catches as he totaled 33 receptions for 475 yards with four touchdowns on a Tennessee team that didn’t have the greatest quarterbacks on their roster.