Houston Texans: J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins will be the opposition in 2021

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /
DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans
Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2021 schedule for the Houston Texans got a little more fun, interesting or intense depending on what your views are on J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins and the Arizona Cardinals at this point in time.

This upcoming season, the Houston Texans will be facing their former All-Pro player in both Watt and Hopkins as the Texans are scheduled to travel to Arizona and take on the Cardinals of the NFC West at some point in time in the 2021 season.

Hopkins still likes to troll the Houston Texans on Twitter and social media every time the Texans make a poor decision, and though Watt left on better terms than that of Hopkins as Watt was granted his release, we all know Watt probably has begun thinking about facing his former team of 10 years as well.

The Cardinals will most likely be the better team on the field — and have to be a better run franchise altogether — but for Texans fans, this will probably be a game of “what if” and “what could have been” because the Houston Texans never reached their full potential when Watt and Hopkins were teammates in Houston.

As for this being “fun times,” the hope is the sarcasm stands out because this will be anything but fun for the Texans. Depending at what point these two teams face each other in 2021, who knows where the Texans will be in their development as a team?

Houston Texans have many questions left in 2021 offseason

For example, at this point of the offseason, the Texans don’t know who will be their starting quarterback, and from all reports, the feeling is off the charts that current Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will not be on the field wearing No. 4 for the Texans when the 2021 season begins.

The offensive line needs some repairs a well, and that started when center Nick Martin was released, so there isn’t a sure starter at that position currently for the Texans either. We all know the issues on defense from the ’20 season, and now without Watt, there has been added stress to make that unit better for ’21, too.

As far as J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins go, they were great during their respective tenures with the Houston Texans, and their careers should be celebrated down the line by the Texans franchise, but in 2021 they will be an opponent, and as strange as that seems, it will be a reality.

The Texans have dug themselves into their current hole they are in, and it will be up to CEO Cal McNair, general manager Nick Caserio, head coach David Culley and even the executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby to lead this team from the decision-making end of things to make the Texans better later than they currently are.

Some on that list (McNair and Easterby) have been a part of the decision of Hopkins, which led to Watt wanting out of town and making the Texans worse than they were before the decisions were made.

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Now the Texans have to face those two players with their new teammates, and we all know “fun times” are ahead in 2021.