Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson wants out, should the fans too?

Quarterback Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Quarterback Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Just one year ago the Houston Texans were leading the Kansas City Chiefs 24-0 at Arrowhead Stadium in the divisional round of the playoffs, and now the team is on the verge of imploding.

It was reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter Wednesday night that the Texans are hiring former Baltimore Ravens assistant head coach David Culley to be the team’s next head coach. The following morning, Schefter reported that quarterback Deshaun Watson has officially requested a trade from the Texans.

I have been a Texans fan since the organization came into existence in 2002. Ever since then, the team has been on a search for their first real franchise quarterback that they can build around for years to come, and it has required a lot of patience.

Multiple draft picks and free agent signings were experimented with, but none of them ended up working out. In 2017, all of the pain and suffering Texans fans had embraced for 15 years had disappeared when the Texans traded up to draft Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

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The chosen one has arrived

Watson made an immediate impact on and off the field, consistently putting up incredible stat lines, volunteering and giving back to the Houston community, and being the leader this organization never had. He was viewed as the savior of the city; the Texans finally had their guy to put them over the top and lead the team to Super Bowl contention. Until they didn’t.

With Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston, as well as other questionable decisions made by the organization, Texans fans are beginning to question what exactly is going on behind the scenes, and if they have the patience to wait for another franchise quarterback if Watson does get traded.

Owner Cal McNair is taking much of the blame for Watson requesting a trade from the team, as he should. McNair assured Watson that he would have a say in Houston’s next general manager and head coach, and based on Watson’s actions, it’s clear the owner’s words didn’t carry much weight, if any at all.

Houston, we have a problem.

Who else to blame than Texans?

Deshaun Watson just wanted to be included in the process of building a championship culture in Houston, and for his opinion to matter inside the organization. He is a proven winner, and its foolish to treat him as if he’s just another athlete playing for a paycheck. After all, he is your best player and plays the most important position on the team, so why not include him in these decisions?

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Because Cal McNair wants it his way. He wants players to come to work, do their job, and then go home. He doesn’t want to give any player the power to make decisions regarding the team because that’s his job, and nobody is going to undermine him. If you have been a fan of this team for an extended amount of time, then you know winning is not the priority under this ownership. It’s all about power and control.

Congratulations, Cal McNair, you have that. This time it might just cost you your entire fan base.