Houston Texans: How many games will team win without Bill O’Brien?

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Houston Texans Schedule Prediction: Weeks 15-17

Week 15: at Indianapolis Colts

This won’t be the year where the Houston Texans challenge the Indianapolis Colts. Again, Jonathan Taylor should be a force by the time this game happens, and though the Texans should be a better team, as of this prediction, the Texans offense hasn’t showed if they are capable of having any success.

Time will tell if this prediction will be incorrect, but the advantage goes to the Colts as they’ll most likely be in a race for the AFC South title by the time this December game happens. Prediction: Loss.

Week 16: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

It will be fun to see how Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has improved by the time this game arrives, but the Houston Texans and Romeo Crennel should be able to take advantage of the poor offensive line that resides in Cincinnati. This could be a game where the Texans offense breaks out to be a scoring machine and shows signs that 2021 will be a much different year for the franchise. Prediction: Win.

Week 17: vs. Tennessee Titans

This will be a more competitive game than the first one, but when Week 17 arrives it will be interesting to see where the Titans are in the battle for the AFC South title. If they have clinched it, the Texans could receive a gift, but the guess here at this point of the season is the Titans and Colts will need wins in Week 17 to determine who will win the AFC South. Prediction: Loss.

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After going through the remainder of the schedule in the 12 games without Bill O’Brien as the head coach, the Texans will be a more competitive team, but a playoff run won’t happen. The 12-game record without O’Brien will be 5-7, leaving the Texans with an overall 2020 16-game record of 5-11.